CB12 Mild 250ml

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CB12 mouthwash. 12 hours sure your breath!

The action of CB12 is scientifically proven, safe and effective.

A unique combination of active ingredients zinc and chlorhexidine are the strength of CB12. It ensures that neutralize unpleasant odors and prevented.

CB12 mild has a slightly milder mint / menthol then make CB12 regular with the blue cap. Both flavors are equally effective, just the taste is different.

Contains 0.05% sodium fluoride

We all have bacteria in our mouth, back of our tongue and sit between and in the tooth cavities. These bacteria have the important task to keep our mouth clean and healthy. They live on food debris (proteins) that break them. During this process, only they also produce sulfur gases which have been the cause of an unpleasant odor. CB12 ensures that these sulfur gases can not be released, the active ingredients have a 12 hour operation. The thinly binds to the inside of your mouth, your teeth and tongue so that sulfur gases can not occur. So you stay confident and sure of yourself your breath.

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