Listerine Advanced White Mouthwash 500ml

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White Advanced Listerine mouthwash for white teeth

Advanced Listerine White is the latest of Listerine mouthwash specially formulated to whiten your teeth and tooth discoloration counter. The renewed mouthwash contains a unique Multi Effect Formula, essential oils and fluoride. You get a fresh breath and also works as a whitening your teeth. Within two weeks whiter teeth!

  • Cleans by powerful essential oils that reduce plaque bacteria
  • Whitening by non-abrasive (Polyp Hosp Hate) that dissolves tooth discoloration
  • Prevents discoloration by providing a protective shield
  • Fluoride strengthens teeth and remineralises
  • Freshens breath mint flavored

More information about Listerine Mouthwash Advanced White

  • It cleanses the mouth:

  • The combination of three powerful, essential oils helps to remove remaining bacteria after brushing
    It makes teeth whiter:

  • The non-abrasive polyphosphate technology removes stains and allows for naturally whiter teeth
    It protects teeth and gums:

  • A protective shield prevents the formation of new spots, even in inaccessible areas
    It strengthens the teeth:

  • Because of the fluoride to be your teeth harder and stronger
    It refreshes the mouth:

  • The advanced formula helps remove bacteria that cause bad breath

Using Advanced Listerine mouthwash White

Use Listerine Advanced White 2x a day after brushing, 10 ml and 60 seconds at a time. Used to one-half less than other mouth rinsing water (20 mL) and rinse longer than the usual 30 seconds. 10 ml equates to about two teaspoons.


  • 2x per day rinse 60 seconds

  • 10 ml per time

  • Use Listerine Advanced White is not diluted

  • Not swallow mouthwash

  • Use over 12 years


Advanced Listerine White buy online

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