Temporary Filling (Safe + Sound)

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Temporary Dental Filling Set


  • 1x small spatula
  • 1x Dental cement (zinc polycarboxylate).

Instructions for use:
Filling teeth

  1. Place a small amount of tooth filling in the cavity, the filling and bites into place, or the appropriate spatula to fill the material into the cavity.
  2. Fill the cavity is not too far full, so the temporary filling does not crumble. The correct amount of normally ensures that the jaws can close on each other, without the tooth of the other jaw touch the material.
  3. Try to avoid biting and chewing at least 15 minutes.
  4. Make sure that you get as soon as possible advice from a qualified dentist, and use the filling for very large and / or painful eye.

  1. Do not try to stop unused material back into the container.
  2. At low temperatures, the material in the container can be hard, and it is then difficult to remove from the tube. Softens the material in the container, by heating it in your hand before you use it.
  3. Put the lid back on properly after use.
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