Dr. Denti Toothfil-Plus

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Toothfil-Plus is a cement used as a temporary tooth filling. This product is a fast, harder, stronger setting tooth filling material which actually bonds onto teeth!
Toothfil-Plus is a modified Zinc-Poly-Carboxylate dental cement. The material is considered to be bland and is widely used in dentistry for cementation.
Unlike other temporary filling materials which just block the tooth cavity, Toothfil-Plus bonds to dentine and enamel, and as a result it can be used successfully for filling shallow cavities.
Before Toothfil-Plus hardens it goes through a plastic phase, at which point it is possible to remove any excess material so the bite is not affected when chewing.
This product is remarkably safe and easy to use, just add water. Simply follow the instructions below for a strong cement filling material:

1. Remove lid 
2. Drip in a little water
3. Close capsule
4. Shake for a few seconds
5. Either scoop out with spatula...or squeeze onto finger
Once mixed, just press the mixture into the cavity, and remove any excess from the area.

This temporary filling can be used in place of a permanent filling for up to 28 continuous days.

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