Teeth flossers 40 pieces

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Combination Floss / Toothpicks.

This combination flossers are the ideal tool to get the leftovers from the corners,
where you can not regains consciousness with the toothbrush.


About Floss

Not only the outside of your teeth must be cleaned well between food remain behind. So here also arises dental plaque, resulting in inflamed gums and holes in the teeth and molars. The spaces between your teeth you can keep clean in several ways: with floss, toothpicks and / or brushy. Where the space between your teeth is very narrow, it only floss can be cleaned.

Using floss

Take a piece of floss about 35-40 cm and wrap the ends loosely around the two middle fingers. Then a short span of about 4 cm between your thumbs and forefingers. Transfer the dental floss taut with a reciprocating motion between the teeth and / or molars.

Pull the floss gently through the spaces between the teeth to prevent damage to the gums. Span then the floss tightly around the tooth and bring him up to just below the gums. Place the thread then return to the spaces between the teeth again with a reciprocating movement. If you scrape your tooth plaque or choose. Put below the wire to the adjacent tooth and perform the same movements.

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